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Scrap Car Removal Toronto

A car is an expensive machine that you buy either for private or commercial use. No matter how good it looks, at one time it can become unusable either due to an accident or when it exhausts its life. A car is a bulky and heavy machine that cannot be disposed of like any other garbage.

Scrap My Car was established to help you with car disposal and also give you cash for cars disposed of.

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Competitive quotes

We offer youthe best price for your car. It’s a promise!

Paperwork A to Z

We’ll take care of the official paperwork for you. No hassle!

Direct Car drop-off

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll give you a map and direc

Scrap Car Pickup

We’ll collect your old car from anywhere in the US! It’s the perfect option.

Eco-friendly Vehicle Recycling

There are laws in place to reduce those impact that scrap cars

Exceptional Customer Care

We’re proud to boast that 97% of our customers would recommend

Scrap Car Removal Toronto

You have no control of where your car breaks down at or get an accident. A car may get an accident in any part of Toronto, it may need to be towed from home or it is in a garage. A car becomes a liability when in this state and it being dismantled and reused will be a great relief to you.

The scrap car removal services are there to help you get rid of the junk cars you have in your yard, parking lot or stuck somewhere in a garage. After contacting us, our staff will guide you on the process to be followed in getting rid of the junk car.

Get a Quotation

Genuine auto wreckers Toronto service providers will give you a quotation for your scrap car removal. The only difference with this quote from all others is that the quotation does not lead to you being invoiced for the service delivered. The quotation is done after the recovery company pays a site visit and evaluates the condition of the car, the make, and all the necessary documents.

Car evaluation is detailed as you should understand the formulae used to come up with the cash for cars at that state. Any other step toward the recycling process is done after you agree on the figure proposed in the quotation. The price given is open for a bargain if you are not comfortable with the cash issued.

Prepare the Car for the Recycling Process

Before the car is inspected by the recycler, you should inspect it first. Asking for assistance from your trusted mechanic is the best thing to do if you do not have enough knowledge of cars. This will help you to be able to bargain for better prices on your scrap cars as you have points to argue on.

You may never know the character of the employees sent to inspect your car. Remove all your personal possession from the car to avoid losing them.  You do not want to spend your time trying to recover lost possessions rather than bargaining for better prices. If not lost, your personal items may get damaged or perused against your wish.

Our location spans the GTA

We work in a variety of cities throughout the Greater Toronto Area, this includes: Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, Toronto, Ajax. Contact us if you are unsure if we work in your area.

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Our Advantages


we have several years of experience in the auto recycling industry

How it works?

all our prices and the process we use are 100% transparent. You get a fair price and your car get treated fairly too.

Fully-integrated Recycling Process

everything that can be re-used will be re-used and all the hazardous waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner.

Cancel the Car Registration

Every car you own is registered under your name as required by the car registration bodies in Toronto and Canada in large. You do not want a car to move to the recovery yard when is still yours as per the law. In case of damages or improper disposal, you will be held liable as the law dictates so.

When selling a car in Toronto you should cancel your registration so it can be transferred to the new owner. When seeking the Junk removal Toronto services, make sure you return the license plates to cancel the registration. Genuine car recovery companies assist in the registration process as part of their service since they are better informed.

Move the Car for Dismantling

Recycling a car is a complicated process as there are liquids to be drained and many other hazardous materials to be removed. This cannot be done just anywhere as there are rules to be followed. The State requires the whole process to be done in a secluded place to minimize pollution.

After the inspection, you can choose to drive the car into the yard or have it towed. Taking the car to the yard will have you earn more money as the recycler does not have to incur costs. This is only possible if the car can be driven but most scrap cars are immobile and need to be towed.


Why Scrap My Cars Toronto

Our company is a junk removal Toronto service provider that takes part in Vehicle recycling processes.  A car that is not roadworthy can be recycled to provide spare parts or be used to make other useful goods. It does not matter how damaged, how old, what make or which model the car is for it to be reused.

In our company we recycle cars with the following in mind:

  • Help the environment

Through recycling, we make use of less energy than manufacturing brand new cars. The steel recovered from the process is used to make new cars than having to process new steel for a similar output. The environment is polluted when new steel is manufactured as coal need to be burnt in the process. This results in greenhouse effects in the atmosphere

  • Provide spare parts

Spare parts are expensive to buy and at times they are not enough in the market. Our company fills this gap by recovering useable parts and reselling them to car parts consumers. A client can save a lot by buying a recycled part than having to get a new one from the manufacturer.

  • Improve property appearance

No matter how expensive a home is, the presence of an abandoned car in the yard degrades it. Our company will tow dumped cars in yards to the recycling yard and help to improve the appearance of a home.

  • Make money

A car may be beyond repair in the eyes of many but we make use of each and every part of it. In the process, we make money for the company, pay the vehicle owner and help the society save money when they buy the spare parts and other products.


What We Offer

In our company, we offer scrap car removal and car disposal services at reasonable rates. Most scrap car removal Toronto service providers take advantage of the car situation to get it at a cheaper rate. We get referrals and come back clients due to our values that include:

  • Excellent customer care services

It’s hard to get a scrap car removal Toronto service provider that can match our customer care services. Our staff will pick up your call at any time of day or night and walk you through the recovery and disposal process.

  • Competitive quotes

Most auto wreckers Toronto service providers will buy your car at a throwaway price. In our company, your car is valuable to us no matter how damaged it is. We offer the best price for the car that is reasonable to both the seller and the buyer.

  • Handle all paperwork

Selling a car in Toronto whether to be used or recycled involves a lot of paperwork. Our company is aware that most sellers are not conversant with the process and will be there to oversee that all documentations are right.

  • Car pick services

We will pick your car from anywhere in Toronto and its environs as per your requirements. Most clients may not be in a position to drop-off their car in our yard due to various reasons. We will pick your car at your convenience.

  • Car drop-off services

A client may wish to drop off their car at our yard to be recycled or disposed of. We give clear directions and provide maps to ease their work. We compensate for the service by offering a better price.

  • Eco-friendly disposal process

Car recovery process can harm the environment in various ways.  We observe all the laws to reduce the impact the process may have on the environment


Looking at Toronto and Canada as a whole, there are many cars that are declared unsafe to use either due to damages from accidents or they have lived their life.

At scrap my car, we strip off all the parts that can be reused, Crush the remaining parts and press reusable steel from it. This is a major way of saving money as there will be a cheaper supply of spare parts and steel.

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