Auto Recycling Rules that matter

//Auto Recycling Rules that matter

Long gone are the days where auto recycling was called auto salvage or auto wrecking. Nowadays, the car scrapping business is well-organised and is pushing the boundaries further to adopt new laws that will set up a better legislative frame around their activity.

Auto recyclers and auto makers alike want to push provincial governments to adopt tougher laws and regulations in order to improve the recycling rates and reduce environmental damage while also reducing crimes related to the industry.

The recycling industry used to be unregulated but it’s a thing of the past now. More rules will force everyone to pay attention to their actions and take responsibility while reducing unethical actions.

The goal is to adopt stricter environmental standards, and to make sure every auto recycler is licensed to get rid of unprofessional recyclers. More rules mean a higher cost for everyone but recycling rates will also go up, which means that more money will be made too which will offset the costs of the program that will be put in place.

An independent body would enforce the rules and make sure everyone is playing by the rules. Vehicle information numbers will also be tracked and reported to help diminish crime. The entire industry clearly sees the challenges ahead and is moving forward to solve the potential problems.

Letting the industry organising by itself probably means more effective action than if the government did it on its own since they know better than anyone else the realities of today’s auto recycling conditions.

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