01: Why choose us

We pay you cash and on the spot

You get a free estimate right away

You get the price you were told about over the phone, no more, no less

Your car will be recycled in an eco-friendly way

We are experienced and have worked in the auto recycling industry for decades

02: Vehicle pickup

Depending on your schedule, we will come to you at the time and date that is the most convenient for you. We offer same-day pickup but it can also be later this month.

03: Vehicle Drop-off

You don’t have to wait for pick-up and can directly come to us and deliver your car.

04: What paperwork is necessary?

You will need to show our tow driver a proof of ownership and the keys of the vehicle if you have them. You will need the original registration of the vehicle.

05:What kind of cars can be scrapped?

Contrarily to what many people think, any type of car can be scrapped, not necessarily the old ones! Your car might be damaged or you might simply want to change car and get rid of your previous car. In every case, we can help!

06: Is there any cost to me?

No, pickup is totally free and you will not have to pay anything at any moment.

07: Is insurance necessary?

No, you don’t need to have a valid insurance when selling your car to us, we take care of everything except parking and traffic tickets, as well as any outstanding impound fees.