How to turn garbage into gold

//How to turn garbage into gold

Did you know that 83% of a vehicle can be recycled? More than a million vehicles reach the end of their lives in Canada each year. From this number alone, you can guess how important vehicle recycling is.

Not only it helps us preserve the environment but it is also a useful way to give a second life to damaged beyond repair, broken, or simply old vehicles that don’t seem to be good for anything anymore. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, they are a valuable commodity and the recycling industry has found many creative ways to make the most of your old vehicles.

Obviously, the first thing we think about is metal. Roughly 75% of all the recycled materials will be metal but let’s not forget the batteries, the tires and the spare parts too. Some of them will be reusable as is, like transmissions, or engines for example. Smaller parts like mirrors, headlights, or alternators can be directly reused too if they are in good shape.

Taking it one step further means depolluting which will required to remove all the fluids (minimum 20 litres, and up to 40 litres). These fluids are gasoline obviously, but also antifreeze or windshield washer fluid among others.

In conclusion, and as you can see, recyclers are good at figuring out ways to make the most of a scrap car and there are many ways to recycle an old car apart from simply flatten it and sell it at the price of metal.

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