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Markham Scrap Car Disposal is the best place to go to for getting your car scrapped for parts. If you have a vehicle that is not running well and you want someone to scrap it for you, bring it to Markham Scrap Car Disposal to get taken care of. We offer other services I addition to scraping cars for parts.

We offer property car, truck, and van removal. This means that any car found on property you own can be towed by us.
We will not charge you anything. The vehicle must be abandoned for us to take action. Make sure the vehicle you want us to tow to our junk yard is abandoned.

We offer cash for your unwanted vehicle. We will have to take a look at it first. But, we pay top cash and tow vehicles for free that you want to sale. Moving the vehicle will not be a problem if you want to get rid of it. Contact us by phone for more details.

Most vehicles become disposable after ten years of use. If you had your vehicle for over ten years, check to see if its good enough to be on the road for 10 hours. Your vehicle needs to be able to travel long distances to satisfy all your luxuries and necessities. It makes no sense to keep a vehicle that does nothing but cause you more bills and problems. If you had your vehicle for less then ten years, call us for details on life expectancy.

We want to get rid of all unable to move vehicles as soon as possible. We would love to scrap your car and see what is left for you to use for the next car. Remember, rust signs on car parts are not acceptable for a reliable car. Rust, would indicate that anything can go wrong with your car at any time. Neither are cars that have been in car accidents. If you can’t afford to get that car fix, bring it down to Markham Scrap Car Disposal and we will try to make your day a little better. Also, cars that can not operate efficiently are not cars that are usable and deserve to be scrapped.

You can contact us for an appointment online or by phone. Send us an email to contact us on the web. Call number listed below to reach us. We are located in Markham, ON Canada. Contact us any time above 8am by phone. You can contact us any time by email. We look forward to providing you with the best scrap car service that can be imagined. Contact us soon and will take care of you.


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