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A car is a commodity, people are very fond it and usually get attached to emotionally, especially if it’s a luxurious one. Not only is it a beautifully modeled machine and crosses hundreds of miles in a span of hours but it’s that important part of human life without which comfortable transport and family trips would remain a dream. For those who don’t own a car, desperately want it and for those who can afford it, tend to have a taste for particular brands and their car features.

But life doesn’t last forever, not even a car’s and one day it needs to go either to the another car buyer or a scrap dealer. Due to unfortunate circumstances, if your car has been through an accident, was totaled or has become unusable then the last spot for it to be is at a junk car dealer’s yard. They pay less than an actual buyer would and for reasons generally relating to the overall health of the car, but it is better than not getting any worth of your beloved vehicle. But finding the right scrap dealer takes time and it is best to get advice from friends and family so you don’t end up making a deal with the wrong person.

Once you get hold of a reputed scrap car dealer, call for the service and they will send one of their tow trucks to take it away. Remember to check the car thoroughly from inside out and remove all personal belongings like papers, parking cards, music cd’s etc. as they won’t come back once the car is off to the scrap yard. Next step is to cancel your insurance and return the license plates. It is highly recommended to transfer the ownership of the car to the dealer as it will still be your property unless the transfer is made. A valid photo id is required to process the transfer and it saves from a lot of hassle that can incur later. If you’ve modified your car with expensive equipment or equipped it with luxury tires, a GPS system or an expensive stereo, it is a good idea to replace them with cheap versions as they can provide good resale value from scrap yards. Be sure to remove the license plates as they need to be returned to the department of motor and vehicles for your registration to be cancelled. And last but not the least, use up the gasoline in your car if there’s any, because it will be drained out at the junk yard before piling up with its counterparts. Take a last trip around the city or a long drive with family before it leaves for its resting place.


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