Retiring your vehicle with us is easy. We recycle old, damaged, and unwanted vehicles responsibly by following a strict procedure during the dismantling process. We will first determine how much your used car is worth and offer a reasonable quote based on our estimate.

No more junkyards. Today, the highest environmental standards are respected at every stage of the process. We operate modern recycling facilities to maximise reclamation and minimise pollution.

Usable parts of your old car will be given a chance to be useful again. After a thorough preliminary inspection, we will be able to determine what can be reused and put to work again. Our trained recycling professionals are experts at finding ways to recycle and retire any vehicle without damaging the environment.

We will dispose of all the hazardous waste in a dedicated facility and not in a random landfill, thus reducing pollution and environmental damage. It is also a good way to save energy and raw materials since scrapping a car is a good source of second hand quality spare parts and an alternative to manufacturing brand new equipment.

Call our auto retirement specialists now at (647) 931- 6340 and give a second life to your vehicle. Don’t scrap your used cars, recycle them instead! Our team does everything from scrap valuation, to scrap collection, and scrap disposal. If you have finally decided to scrap your car, then you’re at the right place! Scrap your car for money today and be sure that it won’t be a threat to the environment anymore.

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Our Services

Best Price In An Instant

Call now and receive your price quote for your vehicle. We offer payment from $50 to $2500

Drop Your Car Off Locally Or Get it Picked it Up for FREE

We offer the option to drop your car off or we can come to you and pick up your car for FREE

Responsible Car Recycling

Take your vehicle to a company that will make sure to recycle your car the right way.

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We provide top-notch services and offer the best prices for our clients. You will not find a better company out there.

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Competitive quotes

We offer you the best price for your car. It’s a promise!

Paperwork A to Z

We’ll take care of the official paperwork for you. No hassle!

Direct Car drop-off

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll give you a map and direc

Scrap Car Pickup

We’ll collect your old car from anywhere in the US! It’s the perfect option.

Eco-friendly Vehicle Recycling

There are laws in place to reduce those impact that scrap cars

Exceptional Customer Care

We’re proud to boast that 97% of our customers would recommend

Get Involved Today!

We help to support the Recycling Lives charity, which fights homelessness and helps the vulnerable by providing life-changing
training, work placements and accommodation. You can help us to transform lives forever.